Privacy Policy

This application accesses and uses personal information in the following manners:
  • Requests location updates from the device's location provider when the application is open.
  • Displays the most recent location on the screen.
  • Prefills an email or text message form with the most recent location for you to easily share. Note that the email or text messaging application may save this as a 'draft' even if not sent.
  • Stores locations that you save in the application in the application's private storage space on your device.
  • When attaching a .kml file to an email, a temporary file is created in the application's private storage space on your device. The file is then passed to the email provider that your select, which makes it's own copy. Upon returing to the application, the temporary file is overwritten with 1 pass of pseudorandom data and then deleted. Note that your email application/provider may save the file as a draft and may not securely delete its copy of the file.

    In addition, please note that Microsoft may collect and store location information when 'device location' is enabled. For most Windows mobile devices, this is compulsory... The user cannot opt out and use only GPS satellites. Microsoft's privacy policy regarding location collection is available here.

    Frequently asked questions

    Q Is there any limit to the number of locations that can be stored?
    A There is no artificial limit, but scrolling the map will start to become slower with several hundred locations being displayed. Several thousand locations showing on the map is possible, but will be choppy.

    Q Why do you only show precision to 5 or 6 decimal places while other applications show many more?
    A Because consumer grade GPS recievers have at least several meters of error. 5 decimal places is accurate to within a meter. 6 decimal places is accurate to within 10 cm. The .kml export currently shows 8 decimal places.. so 1 millimeter. Meaningless precision.


    Email: kevinwillett80 at
    Please include 'My GPS Coordinates Pro (WP)' in the subject.