Privacy Policy

This application does not collect or share any user or device data, including location data in any manner including so called 'anonymous' usage analytics.

However, please note that Microsoft may collect and store location information when 'device location' is enabled. For most Windows mobile devices, this is compulsory... The user cannot opt out and use only GPS satellites. Microsoft's privacy policy regarding location collection is available here.

This application accesses and uses personal information in the following manners:
  • Requests location updates from the device's location provider when the application is open.
  • Stores trip information in the application's private storage space on your device.

    Note this not a tracker application, and that each trip only stores 3 locations:
    starting location The location where you started or reset the trip. This is used to calculate displacement.
    most recent location
    next to most recent location

    The application saves to device storage up to 3 times per minute, so 'most recent location' and 'next to most recent location' are saved frequently, but are also overwritten frequently. When a trip is reset or deleted, it is overwritten on device storage with 1 pass of psuedorandom data. Of course, we have no control over where your Windows Mobile device chooses to save this file... The file could be moved at the whim of the operating system, leaving old copies on the device storage that were not overwritten.

    Frequently asked questions

    Q The application seems to be using a lot of battery while not in use.
    A If one or more trips are running, the application will continue requesting location updates in the background if you exit with the home button. If you exit with the back button, any running trips will be paused and location updates will stop.

    Q Is there any limit to the number of trips that can be stored or running simultaneously?
    A There is no artificial limit, but it's recommended to not exceed 100 total trips with a suggested maximum of 5 simultaneously active trips.

    Q How do I change the layout of the main screen?
    A When you press the unlock button, notice that several green boxes temporarily appear. Tap these boxes to change a portion of the layout.

    Q What is displacement?
    A Displacement is the straight line distance to the starting point of a trip. As a bird could travel.


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